HE fees and financial support

Our course fees are competitive – lower than the average university fee but reflecting the high quality of education that you can expect from Warwickshire College Group. No one has to pay their fees upfront.


Financial support is available from the government through loans and maintenance grants. To apply, contact Student Finance England or call 0300 100 0607. Please remember, your tuition fee loan must be approved before the start of the course.

Free laptops

For 2015/16 all new higher education (HE) students will be given a free tablet or laptop to support their study.

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Full-time courses

In 2015/16 first year higher education students will be charged a fee from £5960 up to £7,210 depending on the subject they are studying.*

New HE students in 2015/16 will receive a tablet or laptop to support their studies. A small number of accommodation scholarships will be available in 2015/16 for first year, full-time students in college-owned accommodation. Students will be eligible for book bursaries too if they are from low income households.

Also, students in receipt of a full maintenance grant can apply for a book bursary worth up to £150. Book bursaries can be used at the college shop to purchase text books for HE courses.

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Full-time HE fees and support leaflet

Answers to your questions about changes to higher education funding


Part-time courses

Fees for part-time study are usually based on the full-time fees for a similar course, less £500, divided pro rata.

For example, if it costs £7,210 each year for a full-time Foundation degree consisting of six modules per year, then a student taking three modules per year would pay one half of £6,710 giving an annual fee of £3,355.


Part-time students can get tuition fee loans in the same way as full-time students but do not have access to grants for living costs.

For more information visit the Student Finance England website. 


Part-time HE students in 2015/16 will also receive a tablet or laptop to support their studies.


Part-time HE fees and support leaflet

Answers to your questions about changes to higher education funding



* Pershore College Horticulture courses

Some of our Horticulture courses based at Pershore College have fees set by (and paid to) the University of Worcester. Contact us or search for individual course details for the correct information for each course. If relevant, check for fees and financial support at the University of Worcester which differ from those set by Warwickshire College.




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