eduroam (JANET Roaming)

Eduroam is a service available in most universities, FE colleges and research organisations in the UK, and in many other countries to provide access to the Internet. This service is provided at all campuses in the Warwickshire College Group. Staff and Students at Warwickshire College and visitors from participating organisations can use the service to get secure, encrypted wireless access to the Internet. At other participating organisations you can use your College credentials to get similar access using their networks.

Institutions in the UK which are part of eduroam can found on the Janet website. Janet has also developed companion apps for iOS and Android to help locate nearby participating institutions.

Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use

The eduroam service is provided to users subject to the Warwickshire College Group IT Systems Acceptable Use Policy and the JANET eduroam policy. Where the policies and regulations differ the most restrictive applies.

Setting up your device to use eduroam

When joining eduroam you will be prompted for your College username and password this should be in the format of your College email address and normal College password;

  • Staff =
  • Student =
  • open the wireless settings on your laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • select 'eduroam' from the list of available wireless networks
  • when prompted, enter your College email address followed by your password
  • open your browser to access the Internet

Advanced settings

In most cases your devices wireless client should automatically detect the other settings used. Otherwise use the following settings:

  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise (802.11i)
  • Encryption: AES
  • Authentication: 802.1X
  • 802.1X Types: EAP/PEAP MSCHAPv2.

Chromebook/Android devices require the following settings:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • identity: {emailaddress}
  • Password: {password}
  • anonymous identity:{leave blank}

Automatic Configuration Tool

For some devices, a configuration assistance tool (CAT) may be available. Download the installer for the operating system that matches your device. In the case of iOS, clicking the correct link will begin the installation process.

Click the link below to download

eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool


All users should in the first instance, contact their home institutions IT support to resolve registration and authentication issues. Warwickshire College IT Services Helpdesk can be contacted on 01926 31 8035 or Email

Additional Information

Further information on the eduroam service may be found here;