We are one of only seven institutions in England taking part in a new government pilot for 16-19 year-olds.   

The Technical Baccalaureate (TechBacc) is a high quality, rigorous qualification. It's an advanced Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering that’s equivalent to 4.5 A-levels - which will help you get a place at a top university.

You’ll develop advanced maths skills and complete an extended project linked with an engineering company which may also involve a work placement, making you an ideal candidate for the best employers and apprenticeships.




What will I study?


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The Warwickshire College Group TechBacc comprises of:

>>Level 3 Extended Diploma - 3.0 A-level equivalent

>>Level 3 Extended Project - 0.5 A-level equivalent

>>Core Maths A2 equivalent - 0.5 A-level equivalent

>>Core Maths AS - 0.5 A-level equivalent



Students who complete the TechBacc will be equipped to apply for technician roles and higher apprenticeships in a wide range of industry sectors. Alternatively, you could enter professional training or university.

If you’re interested in any of the following careers, the TechBacc measure could well be the right choice for you:

>>    STEM technician (e.g. IT technicians, various engineering and transportation technical roles, land-based technicians, construction professionals);

>>    Service technician (e.g. hospitality, personal services, accountancy, business and law positions);

>>    Creative technician (e.g. media, creative industries, craft and design).


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