Full-time engineering courses

The strength of our engineering programmes lies in the extensive industry links and our fantastic facilities at both our Rugby College and Warwick Trident College.

Engineering affects virtually every aspect of our lives. From the vehicles that take us to work, to the buildings in which we make our living and the satellites that enable you to read this on the web. All of these things are the work of engineers.

The key areas that engineers work in are civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and manufacturing and the area in which you work will largely be determined by the area of engineering that you have studied for.

Our courses range of from full-time further education through to higher education and commercial training.



Full-time courses

The engineering team have developed two full-time courses to meet the needs of students who wish to progress to apprenticeships, employment or higher education.


Level 2 Diploma in Engineering

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Level 3 extended Diploma in Engineering

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Level 3 extended Diploma and Technical Baccalaureate in Engineering

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Courses are delivered by a professionally trained lecturing team who have a vast and varied real industry experience, using industry standard software and equipment.


Courses are designed to be varied, involving a range of delivery techniques and styles, including study in real engineering situations. Students can also take part in a range of visits and activities with established engineering companies in all fields of engineering including design, CAD, mechanical, electrical/electronic, manufacturing and maintenance.


Students enter competitions, visit exhibitions and shows and take part in a range of entrepreneurial activities to demonstrate and develop their skills and knowledge.


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A unique opportunity

Our first year students have the opportunity to compete for work experience and an interview place with Mercedes AMG (Formula One racing).




On completion of the level two course, students progress to either the level 3 course or an apprenticeship.


On completion of the level three course, students progress either to a Higher Apprenticeship, higher education or full time employment.


Previous students have gone on to study engineering at the following universities:

Warwick University

Bristol University

Loughborough University

Nottingham University

Imperial College London

Newcastle University

Manchester University

Coventry University

Sheffield University

Birmingham University


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