English and Maths GCSEs

We offer Maths and English GCSE programmes at all of our colleges. 

GCSE English and maths for students aged 16-18

English and maths qualifications are vitally important for future employers and universities, so the government has made it a priority for 16-18yr  students to improve these skills. So if students aged 16-18 do not achieve grade A*-C in GCSE English and/or maths, then they will study English and/or maths as part of their college course. Students who achieve a D grade will be placed on the relevant GCSE programme, while students who achieve an E or below will be assessed to ensure they are placed on the right study programme for their ability.

English and Maths for 19+ Adults

Warwickshire College Group offers English and maths courses specifically for individuals who wish to improve their existing knowledge.

Adult learners will be able to develop their skills and gain valuable qualifications recognised by employers and training providers. There are a range of English classes suitable for learners of all levels from those who struggle with everyday reading and writing, to those who wish to prepare for Level 2 or GCSE qualifications.

Maths classes are also available for all abilities from those who wish to gain more confidence when dealing with numbers, to those who wish to prepare for Level 2 or GCSE Maths qualifications.

All courses are free to individuals who do not hold a GCSE in English or maths at grade C or above. To be eligible, candidates must be a UK/EU resident and aged nineteen and above.


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