We meet level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines.


Writing in plain English

We try to use plain English on our website, We use straightforward, short sentences and easy to understand words - we hope that this makes the information accessible to everyone.



HTML heading tags are used to convey a structure. H1 tags are used for the main page title, H2 and H3 tags for page headings and sub headings.



We use alt tags to provide descriptive text descriptions of images on the website.



We provide descriptions of our video content.



Our CMS (content management system), Alterian 6 has an inbuilt accessibility checker and wont allow us to publish any pages that don't meet the accessibility guidelines.


Text size

You can change the text size of our website on your browser and some browsers will also allow you to magnify the entire page. Here's how:


Internet Explorer

  • Click 'View' to open the View menu
  • Select the 'Text Size' option 
  • Choose your preferred text size    

You can also hold 'Ctrl and the + or - keys to make the content bigger or smaller



  • Click 'View' to open the View menu
  • Select the 'Text Size' option
  • Select 'Increase' or 'Decrease'
  • The text on our site should change to reflect your choice

You can also hold 'Ctrl and the + or - keys to make the content bigger or smaller



  • Click 'View' to open the View menu
  • Click on 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller'

Or dold down the 'Apple' and + or - key



Form fields also have 'label' and 'id' attributes to explicitly associate the form field with its label to allow for easy entry of data.



Links are written to be descriptive and, where possible, to make sense without having to read the entire context of the webpage.


A sitemap is available to all users, which provides easy access to all of our web pages.


British Sign Language

We have information on Learning Support on the website communicated in British Sign Language for deaf or hearing impaired visitors.  Visit the page.  


Tell us what you think

We've worked hard to make our website easy to use but we know that it's an ongoing job and we welcome comments or suggestions on how we can improve the website.


If you have difficulty accessing the content, contact us and we will try to provide the information you need in another format.