Take That! College welcomes new meerkats

9.12.2016 Moreton Morrell College’s Animal Centre has recently welcomed new residents Gary, Jason, Mark and Howard the meerkats.

Meerkat group

The four meerkats are now living in a purpose-built enclosure which staff and students have constructed over a number of months ready for the meerkats to move in.

Philippa Gerrard, Head of FE Animal Welfare and Vet Nursing at Moreton Morrell College said, “Our students are incredibly excited now the meerkats are finally here. They are settling in nicely and getting used to their new surroundings.

“Currently staff are looking after the meerkats, but they will train the students, who study a range of animal courses, to look after and care for the meerkats, who originate from Africa.

“It’s important for our students to get to work with as many different animals as possible, so they are ready for the world of work, and as meerkats are very popular now at wildlife parks it’s great for our students to understand how to care for them first-hand.”

Lucy Dickson, 18 from Kenilworth, said, “I’m on the Level 3 Animal Management course and after helping to build the enclosure it’s great to have the meerkats finally here - we love them!”



L-R, Gary the meerkat with students Lucy Dickson, Gabriel Morrissey and Laura Payne

The meerkats join a range of animals who live at the Moreton Morrell College including exotic species such as coatis, porcupines, raccoon dogs, marmosets and bird-eating spiders to more common animals such as rabbits, tortoises, cats, pigs and chickens.

Moreton Morrell College offers a wide range of animal courses up to degree level as well as apprenticeships. For more information click here or call 0300 456 0049.