Why training?

Why Warwickshire College can offer your business tailored and accredited training to improve business performance and return on investment.


Build confidence and improve performance

Developing the leadership and management capability of managers in the UK is a significant issue and has a direct effect on organisations’ productivity and success.


A huge proportion of UK managers – estimated at around 60% – did not choose to become managers, many lack confidence in their own abilities. Training can help them better understand their roles and responsibilities, and provide the confidence to carry out their duties more effectively.


By investing in management development, organisations can ensure their managers are equipped to lead employees through the challenging times ahead. 


Return on investment

Developing effective leaders is the most cost effective investment an organisation can make to enhance the performance and efficiency of its staff.


With the recession starting to bite, businesses need to scrutinise their training budgets and invest in accredited training programmes which will give external recognition and provide proven benefits for employees including increased ability to delegate, manage and motivate their teams.


In 2010, the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) carried out research into the return on investment of its accredited qualifications. The results showed that employers saw the following improvements in managers and team leaders’ performances after taking ILM qualifications:


  • 93% saw an improvement in overall performance
  • 90% reported better ability to give feedback, improved communication skills, motivation of their teams
  • 88% reported better delegation skills
  • 86% noted managers’ increased ability to manage performance
  • 85% noted managers’ increased ability to manage processes


Why Warwickshire College?

Warwickshire College is approved by Europe’s leading management organisation, the ILM, to offer leadership and management qualifications.


We deliver a range of ILM practically focussed qualifications covering a broad range of disciplines from team leading to service improvement.


Qualifications can be tailored to meet the development needs of local businesses and national organisations, to give them a real competitive advantage in leading their employees though the challenging times ahead.




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